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We recommend: 1.Shipito - 2. myus - 3. US Global Mail. Check them in the search box below.

About us

This site provides a directory of select mail forwarding service providers, primarily those located in the US. Mail forwarding services offer a US mail address to individuals and companies that wish to benefit from shopping opportunities and business in the US. You can easily get a US address which will allow you to shop in US stores and have your package forwarded to you wherever you live in the world. You can also have letters sent to your US address (for example from banks, Google, and others). Sign up with this site and read reviews, comparisons, user comments, news, sales and auctions.

I need a US Address to Shop

I live in the EU and love the variety and low prices in US shops, however most companies do not ship to the EU. Can I get an address in the USA?

Yes, you can have a US mail address which you can use to do your shopping in the USA. We recommend 1.Shipito 2. myus 3. US Global Mail. Check them in the search box below. .

Do all companies forward both letters and packages?

Not all companies forward both letters and packages. Some forwarding companies forward only letters. By the same token, some forwarding companies will only forward packages.

If I get a mail address in the USA, how does it work?

When a letter goes to your address in the US, you get notified and see scanned copies of the letter, outside and inside. You decide whether to discard the letter (the letter will be shredded) or to have the letter be sent to you, in the country you live in. If the letter contains a check, some companies will even deposit it to your bank for you.

What is the difference between mail forwarding services of the postal authority and mail forwarding by private companies?

The main difference is that you do not have to be living in a country, e.g. in the USA, in order to get a postal address. You may be a French citizen, living in France, and get a US address for shopping, banking, of business purposes.